We all want our businesses to succeed and in order to do so we need to take care of our teams. For Carolyn Swora, it’s simple: engaged team members drive strong business results. But what does engaged really mean? It means knowing and living organizational values, having meaningful relationships and being encouraged and supported to innovate repeatedly.
As the owner and founder of Pinnacle Culture, Carolyn is privileged to work with her clients to realize cultural plans that make a difference. Organizational culture defines how effectively and efficiently work is done and unfortunately it is always at risk due to the unpredictable business climate and shifting talent in an organization. Culture is an asset that needs to managed and nurtured.
With a 25-year track record in strategic leadership and organizational design, Carolyn works with her clients to create a simplified method to understand, elevate and monitor workplace culture. It’s called the Culture Evolution Plan™.
  • This is the foundation of your workplace culture. Values are the building blocks because they drive behaviours and decisions.
  • What is written on paper does not necessarily match with what is really happening. You need to measure and align the values. It informs you of the organization’s cultural health; what is working and what needs to change.
  • The strength of relationships will define how fast decisions are made and how effective they are. Strong relationships are built on trust.
  • Relationships are enhanced through regular communication. Employees are 3x more likely to be engaged when they have regular and meaningful communication with their manager.
  • Close to 70% of employees feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Operating with low levels of energy impacts one’s ability to make good decisions, be creative and self-regulate.
  • Identifying driving needs and removing barriers to them unleashes engagement & performance while creating resilience.
By putting the focus on values, relationships and resilience, Carolyn’s clients enhance the workplace experience, and this leads to stronger customer loyalty, reduced employee turnover and higher profits. To discuss your needs and learn more about the Culture Evolution Plan, contact Carolyn at:

Carolyn Swora | Workplace Culture Architect
carolyn.swora@pinnacleculture.ca | 647.234.4763 
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